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231 km²

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Sultan Naga Dimaporo or Karomatan is located at the south-western part of the province of Lanao del Norte. It is bordered on the southeast by the municipality of Picong in Lanao del Sur, and on the west by the municipalities of Tukuran and Aurora, both in Zamboanga del Sur. To the south is the tip of Illana Bay, part of the Celebes Sea.

Executive Order No. 588, s. 1953 (Signed on April 30, 1953) created the Karomatan from the following:
(note that Lanao was split 1959)

  • From Kapatagan: Tagalo, Mabohai, Pandanan, Pikinit, Dangoloan, Dabliston, Calobi, Tapokon, Karomatan, Pitikol, Sigayan
  • From Malabang: Bauyan, Dadoan, Calibao Payong

The barrio/baranggay of Karomatan was then made the Poblacion of this municipality

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