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Triathlon may be considered an individual sport with three shifts of races (swimming, biking and running). Joining a local triathlon club like TRI-SND Barracuda provides lot of priceless benefits. You can find a local group that is right for you and you’re racing goals. Aside from training opportunities, the fun and camaraderie is indeed incomparable. You will create memories and form friendships by sharing your passions with other like-minded people.

TRI-SND Barracuda has been in the forefront of helping young yet potential local athlete in pursuing multi-sport competition.

During the LANORTEMAN series officials and residents of SND demonstrated their warm support the sports event by participating number of racers both in kids and adult category. The event was held at MCC Sports Complex in Tubod town.
The 2nd leg of LANORTEMAN racing started at the municipal wharf of Kolambugan (Transition One) going to Maigo town and back to MCC Sports Complex.

The Run Course for the Standard Category is 10k and for the Sprint Category is 5k.

Here are the winners of Lanorteman 2nd Leg of 2018 Series: OVERALL STANDARD MALE: 1st Place: Satar A. Salem (SND Barracuda), 2nd Place: Jorry A. Ycong (Rider Omega Tri-Team), 3rd Place: Paul A. Jumamil (SND Barracuda).
OVERALL STANDARD FEMALE: 1st Place: Leyann A. Ramo (Black Arrow Express), 2nd Place: Cianyl A. Gonzalez (Rider Omega Tri-Team), 3rd Place: Karen A. Manayon (Rider Omega Tri-Team).

18 TO 24 STANDARD MALE: Jaylanie A. Lamama (SND Barracuda), 2nd Place: Justice A. Sousa Rider Omega Tri-Team), 3rd Place: Hanin A. Maruhom (SND Barracuda). 25 TO 29 STANDARD MALE: 1st Place: Banjo A. Norte (Rider Omega Tri-Team), 2nd Place: John A. Alcala (CBT and Friends / Brite), 3rd Place: John Rey A. Tumanda (SND Barracuda).

30 TO 34 STANDARD MALE: 1st Place: Ulwan M. Dimaporo (SND Barracuda), 2nd Place: Guillbert A. Besin (Team Rambo CCC/Binde NHS), 3rd Place: Junel A. Baring (SND Barracuda).

35 TO 39 STANDARD MALE: 1st Place: Abu Ali A. Alonto (SND Barracuda), 2nd Place: Leian A. Cruz (SND Barracuda), 3rd Place: Kenneth Amiel A. Taylor (Caltex Delo TriBu). 35 TO 39

STANDARD FEMALE: 1st Place: Rupessa A. Llegunas, 2nd Place: Janice A. Salvador (Team Rambo CCC), 3rd Place: Razzle A. Ledres. 40 TO 44 STANDARD MALE: 1st Place: Dan A. Brown, 2nd Place: Misuari A. Pido (SND Barracuda), 3rd Place: Jeyson A. Baculao.

45 TO 49 STANDARD MALE: 1st Place: Ronald A. Parantar (Caltex Delo TriBu), 2nd Place: Miguelito A. Magalso (Dipolog), 3rd Place: Ramy A. Nasara (Iligan Trail Runners).
50 & ABOVE STANDARD MALE: 1st Place: Usop A. Santican (SND Barracuda), 2nd Place: Marcos A. Dimaporo (SND Barracuda). OVERALL SPRINT MALE: 1st Place: Godwin Jacob A. Taylor (Caltex Delo TriBu), 2nd Place: Jan Paul Alexandrie A. Orong (Bukidnon), 3rd Place: Clinton A. Ortezano (SND Barracuda).

OVERALL SPRINT FEMALE: 1st Place: Lyf Ashana A. Benigno (Bukidnon), 2nd Place: Samantha Isobel A. Larot (Bukidnon), 3rd Place: Ratna A. Dimaporo (SND Barracuda).
29 & BELOW SPRINT MALE: 1st Place: Romeo A. Kalamohoy (SND Barracuda), 2nd Place: Franz A. Hora, 3rd Place: Jeremy A. Pepito (Saga Racing Team).
30 TO 34 SPRINT MALE: 1st Place: Rudy A. Sebuco (SND Barracuda), 2nd Place: Kim Tubog A. Luardo, 3rd Place: Kevin Karl A. Asok (Tiwalag Naawan).

35 TO 39 SPRINT MALE: 1st Place: Froilan Chavez A. Enriquez (AFP), 2nd Place: Jade A. Forelo (Lanorte Multisports), 3rd Place: Omar Nur A. Mohammad (SND Barracuda).

35 TO 39 SPRINT FEMALE: 1st Place: Ellen A. Avanzado, 2nd Place: Kathy A. Mapupuno (SND Barracuda).
40 TO 44 SPRINT MALE: 1st Place: Richmond A. Conde (Rambo CCC), 2nd Place: Wendell A. Gaco (CTB and Friends / Brite), 3rd Place: Lembert A. Palapas (PEBI-Pagadian Extreme Bikers Inc.).

45 TO 49 SPRINT MALE: 1st Place: Jaime A. Bumactao, Jr. (BJMP), 2nd Place: Moises A. Genetiano, Jr., 3rd Place: Dante A. Castardo (Lanorte Multisports).
50 & ABOVE SPRINT MALE: 1st Place: Million A. Solaiman, 2nd Place: Cerilo A. Calo (Lanorteman Multisports), 3rd Place: Lucman A. Derongawan (SND Barracuda).

TEAM COMPETITION: 1st Place: Team Rider Omega Tri-Team, 2nd Place: Team Bukidnon. RELAY: 1st Place: Necie Grace Bullecer, Alfritz Gascon and Arnold Unabia (SND Barracuda), 2nd Place: Don Conde, Gemar Herana and Rocyfaith Mendoza (Rambo CCC), 3rd Place: Desios Carl Fuentes, Marlon Pabillaran and Jamael Dipatuan.