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The municipality of Sultan Naga Dimaparo was formerly called “Karomatan,” derived from a Maranao word, “Kormatan,” whichmeans a generous and reverent reception of guest.  It was told that there was this place where Maruhombatua, an Islamic preacher and a descendant of an Arab missionary, was cordially received and afforded a formal welcome.  To the Cebuanos, “karomatan” is a derivative of the word “Karomata” which means an animal drawn transport.

Karomatan, once a barangay of the municipality of Kapatagan, became a municipality in 1953 by virtue of Executive Order No. 588 dated April 10, 1953 issued by then President Elpidio Quirino.  It was formally inaugurated on July 30, 1953.   Hon. Macarimbang Pantaran became the first Municipal Mayor by appointment;   elected Mayor in the 1955 election, and served as Mayor until 1967 through re-election.

In the 1967 elections, Hadji Mohammad Naga Dimaporo ran for Municipal Mayor unopposed. He ran for the second and third terms in 1971 and in 1986 still unopposed.  He held the position until the 1986 EDSA revolution, where non-political figures were   catapulted to power under the interim Officer-In-Charge (OIC) system.  Four OIC Mayors were designated one after the other, namely: Lt. Col Celso Undag, Captain Faisal Umpa, Hadji Tumalding Calib, and lastly, Hadji Suwaib Enca.  By the mandate of the 1987 Constitution, the first election was held in December 1987 where Hon. Motalib M.  Dimaporo was overwhelmingly elected against Hadji Tumalding Calib. In the 1992 election, Mayor Motalib Dimaporo was reelected with a landslide margin over Hadji Tumalding Calib.  In the 1995 local election, Mayor Motalib Dimaporo ran for the third time, this time unopposed.

Karomatan was renamed Sultan Naga Dimaporo in 1992 in honor of the late Mayor Sultan Naga Dimaporo.  The municipality is composed of 37 barangays, the same number of barangays when it was first created in 1953.

Sultan Naga Dimaporo is currently under the administration of Mayor Ulwan Dimaporo with his father, Motalib Dimaporo, serving the as the Municipal Vice Mayor.


The municipality of Sultan Naga Dimaporo is located at the southwestern part of the province of Lanao del Norte with geographical coordinates of 123o37’30’’ to 123o51’30’’ latitude and 7o42’28” to 7o55’00” longitude.   It is bounded on the northwest and northern part by the municipalities of Kapatagan, Sapad and Nunungan, respectively. Illana Bay is on the south and the municipality of Sultan Gumander of Lanao del Sur lies on the east while the municipalities of Tukuran and Aurora, both in Zamboanga del Sur, can be found on the west. Farther south of the municipal water is the tip of Illana Bay which reaches the Celebes Sea lane.

Sultan Naga Dimaporo serves as a land bridge between Zamboanga peninsula and Cotabato and Davao regions. Recently however, there appears to be an increase in the number of vehicular traffic from Iligan City and Misamis Oriental province to Zamboanga peninsula and vice versa via the municipality’s well-maintained road infrastructure as an alternate route with that of Kapatagan-Aurora-Zamboanga road network.


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